Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Undervaluation of Human Resources

Why do we have humans instead of machines flipping burgers?
Why do we allow peasants to NOT attend school?
Why do we allow/encourage ultimately non-productive jobs and industries to exist (or at the very least become much larger than could be)?

The answer is: Because our fundemental calculus of the value of any human being is tragically low.

Machines to flip burgers are too expensive in the short run.
Peasants are not a good investment in the short run.
The myopic concerns of the moment, force the creation and maintenance of non-productive work.

Its certainly not a new argument..... Starving Bangladeshi Einsteins and such..... But its a real problem. Its ultimately an "Idiot Tax" on the entire human race, brought about by mismanagement of the worlds resources by the ruling class. Shape up, you "Masters of the Universe". Extend your balance sheets to include the "lost productive work" of the masses.

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