Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Auto-Theist Theory

This theory has 3 premises.

1. That some part of our consciousness survives after death.

2. That our consciousness can expand its knowledge indefinitely.

3. That manipulation of the past is possible to some degree.

With these 3 premises, we can then expect:

1. That a consciousness after achieving the ability to manipulate the past, would do so with the hope of shortening the time it took to acquire the knowledge it then possessed.

2. That a pre-death consciousness' most interested spiritual aid would be its future self, if for no other reason than no other entity would have as much personal interest and personal responsibility.

3. That for all intents and purposes, our future self would be our own god.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Undervaluation of Human Resources

Why do we have humans instead of machines flipping burgers?
Why do we allow peasants to NOT attend school?
Why do we allow/encourage ultimately non-productive jobs and industries to exist (or at the very least become much larger than could be)?

The answer is: Because our fundemental calculus of the value of any human being is tragically low.

Machines to flip burgers are too expensive in the short run.
Peasants are not a good investment in the short run.
The myopic concerns of the moment, force the creation and maintenance of non-productive work.

Its certainly not a new argument..... Starving Bangladeshi Einsteins and such..... But its a real problem. Its ultimately an "Idiot Tax" on the entire human race, brought about by mismanagement of the worlds resources by the ruling class. Shape up, you "Masters of the Universe". Extend your balance sheets to include the "lost productive work" of the masses.

An Enlightening Discussion about the Collapse of the Wavefunction

An analysis has been performed of the theories and postulates advanced by von
Neumann, London and Bauer, and Wigner, concerning the role that consciousness might
play in the collapse of the wave function, which has become known as the measurement
problem. This reveals that an error may have been made by them in the area of biology
and its interface with quantum mechanics when they called for the reduction of any
superposition states in the brain through the mind or consciousness. Many years later
Wigner changed his mind to reflect a simpler and more realistic objective position,
expanded upon by Shimony, which appears to offer a way to resolve this issue. The
argument is therefore made that the wave function of any superposed photon state or
states is always objectively changed within the complex architecture of the eye in a
continuous linear process initially for most of the superposed photons, followed by a
discontinuous nonlinear collapse process later for any remaining superposed photons,
thereby guaranteeing that only final, measured information is presented to the brain, mind
or consciousness. An experiment to be conducted in the near future may enable us to
simultaneously resolve the measurement problem and also determine if the linear nature
of quantum mechanics is violated by the perceptual process.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Check out spinet

Truss Design by Genetic Algorithm

Evolutionary Structural Optimization Package (ESOP) consists of software for viewing, analyzing, and optimizing structures containing beam, truss, and membrane plate elements utilizing OpenGL and the Genetic Algorithm (GA). Created for use in M.S. theses